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Kitchen Furniture & Coutnertop Repair

If the Counter tops in your kitchen have been damaged or lost their shine give me a call.  I have years of experience repairing the damage, buffing, and polishing all types of kitchen surfaces including Marble and Granite Counter tops.

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  • kitchen-cabinet-door-alignment
  • kitchen-cabinet-door-alignment-2
  • kitchen-table-restoration-before
  • kitchen-table-restoration-after
  • drawer-repair-before
  • drawer-repair-after
  • Repair Countertops
  • Water Damage
  • Repair Tabletops
  • Buff & Polish Kitchen Surfaces
  • Door & Drawer Adjustments
  • Cabinet Touchup
  • Kitchen Server Restoration
  • Re-glue Chairs
  • Pet Damage

On site Wooden Kitchen Furniture Repair and Restoration

Have a kitchen cabinet door or drawer out of alignment or broken?  I can repair and re-align your cabinet doors so they close all the way and line up with the other doors.  I can also fix the alignment of your kitchen drawers tracks so they open and close smoothly.

Is the wooden leg of your stool or chair broken?  I can fix kitchen chairs and tables including scratched & broken legs, re-gluing them giving strength back to your furniture.

Does your kitchen furniture have water damage and need repair?  I can remove and fix the surface and bring back the life of the Hi-Gloss Finish.